About Me

A little bit about me:

Monica Grey, LCSW, LMT

I have been working with people of all ages to initiate healing, promote empowerment, and to help individuals to gain clarity, and set goals, to be able to create the life that they are wanting for themselves, and for their families.

My own process has taken me through many hills and valleys. Along the way I have learned that life is what we make it. While we are subject to the impact of our childhood experiences and our socio-economic situation, we do not have to be limited by them. We can create the job, the relationship, physical health, and an intrapersonal dynamic within ourselves that is supportive, life enhancing, and filled with joy.

As a licensed therapist since 1996, a massage therapist, and an energy healer, I have facilitated individuals, couples, and groups to remove the blockages to being able to engage in satisfying relationships, to improve health, and to more fully participate in life, whilst creating a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness.

I now offer, through on-line, individualized coaching sessions, a syntheses of cognitive, psychotherapeutic, and spiritual tools to facilitate integration and enhance success.