Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy services are provided for individuals, and couples via Microsoft Teams, a secured on-line venue for video sessions.

The primary issues addressed are depression, anxiety, and relationship issues, with a focus on insight-oriented therapy, conflict resolution, and mindfulness techniques for decreased symptoms, and stress reduction.

Monica has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1996. She has a long history of providing counseling services to a diverse population. She uses an eclectic perspective and utilizes various state-of- the-art modalities. Her therapy is geared to the individual, or the couple’s unique needs, always striving towards a non-judgmental, empathetic, but life-enhancing approach.

I believe that people are highly intelligent, and that, given the opportunity, they will reveal and approach the issue that is most pertinent to their development, at the time. They will do so, when they are ready, and able, to address the complexities of the memories, feelings, and thoughts that resulted from their experience.

On a deeper level, sometimes even on the unconscious level, they are now more able to do the arduous work, that will move them towards their goal of healing.  My role is to hold the space for them to do this work, and to serve as a container for re-emergence in a caring, supportive, and non-judgmental manner”. Monica Grey LCSW

Monica is also trained in the practice of Energy Psychology, an approach which has shown to promote rapid results, one of which is the almost immediate reduction in anxious feelings.

She also provides coaching services to enhance performance in work, improve self-esteem, reach clarity about goals, and work towards improving their ability to participate in healthy relationships. Feel free to send an e-mail, if you have any questions regarding scheduling a session. Monica is a provider for several insurance companies. She also accepts self-pay clients.

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