Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is life coaching, and how is this different than psychotherapy?
    Coaching is for those individuals who want to work on empowerment, the honing of their skills, embracing their abundance, and expanding it. Unlike psychotherapy, which is focused on pathology/mental illness, coaching’s primary purpose is to assist the individual to recognize that they are a creative, powerful, and abundant individual already. What is needed is a fine-tuning, seeing with new vision, so that the process can move forward in a positive direction.
  2. What is offered in an individual session?
    Individual sessions are personalized and focused on identifying issues, and goals, and actions to be taken after each session. The first session will focus on establishing rapport, getting to know participants history, successes, and vision for their future, whether in the area of health, relationship, work or personal life.
  3. Do you take insurance?
    Coaching is unfortunately NOT covered by insurance. You are able to pay by credit card through my website.
  4. What happens if I miss a session?
    If an appointment is cancelled 48 hours, or more prior to the time of the appointment, a refund can be issued. Appointments that are missed, or cancelled meaning you just don’t show up at the time of the scheduled appointment, will be not be refunded. All sessions are prepaid.
  5. How many sessions do I need before I can achieve my goals?
    The number of sessions it will take for you to achieve your goals is different for everyone. Your level of commitment, and perserverance is up to you, and this will determine the duration of our sessions. While it might take time for you to reach your goals, you might be satisfied just knowing that you are on the right track finally.
  6. How are the meetings initiated?
    The meetings can be initiated by phone or by a secure Microsoft video platform. It will be up to you to decide how you want to interact. 

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