My Coaching and Psychotherapeutic Model

During coaching sessions I utilize a syntheses of cognitive, psychotherapeutic and spiritual tools to facilitate integration, and enhance success. 

Life coaching focused on these goals:
• Identify strengths and gain direction
• Enhancing work status & finding the job you love
• Removing blockages to abundance, and relationship success
• Finding ways to reduce fear, and doubt so that you can move forward towards attaining your goals

To attain these goals, I have created a 5-Phase Model built over my 27+ years experience as a mental health counselor. The five modalities in this model are:

1 Increase your happiness quotient:
financial abundance, relationship status, living the life you want


2 Address ways to improve your health:
exercise, relaxation, dietary habits, right thinking


3 Create a balance between the various aspects of your life: prioritizing, time management


4 Use your spirituality to enhance all aspects of life: finding meaning and purpose, enhancing your relationship to self and others, finding inner peace and creating more joy in your life


5 Action steps: plans and strategies to achieve your goals. 

Ready to get started?